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Sometimes, the best way to prevent problem behavior with children with autism is to simply avoid specific situations.

Avoid Specific Situations:

Many moms will tell you that they limit trips to places that involve waiting in line.  Similarly, others avoid restaurants or specific places that trigger their child with ASD. Unstructured activities, novel events, and group gatherings are situations that can be avoided as well.

Avoid Specific People (For Specific Tasks)

Sometimes specific people are antecedents for the problem behavior. For example, a child may do his homework beautifully with Mom but give Dad a hard time.  You may also notice specific friends cause your child on the spectrum to have difficulty playing appropriately.Other examples of people that trigger a child with ASD may include a doctor, dentist etc. Social stories can help calm your child down before visiting the doctor/dentist office.

Avoid Specific Settings

Some children don’t react well in places with loud music. As a result, parents may choose to avoid these places or have their children wear voice canceling headphones. Another option to help with this sensory issue, some parents use desensitization techniques. This involves slowly getting your child used to the loud noises.  Haircuts, visiting old people or academic situations can likewise serve as triggers. In addition, baseball games and large crowds can cause your child anxiety. Avoiding such situations when possible is a good idea.

Keep in mind

Keep in mind. Don’t always avoid these situations. This is just a technique to help prevent intense problem behavior. Your BCBA will work with your child to overcome these behaviors. As your child progresses in therapy, you will begin to see a difference. We will focus on building your child’s skill deficit. This is just a prevention strategy!

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