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Increase fluid intake

Practice makes perfect!!

The more we practice with your child, the better he becomes at this skill! We want to have enough learning opportunities over the day. Therefore, the best way to practice is to keep offering your child drinks. This will keep filling his/her bladder causing the urge to urinate. As a result, we get another chance to practice using the potty! Yay!!

We aim to get about 20 learning trials over the day. Like we already mentioned, practice makes perfect!! This way, the potty training period of time can be over and done with!  After all, who doesn’t want a clean house and a potty-trained child?

ABA is all about data and we try to obtain as many trials as possible to promote generalization! This helps with the learning curve.

When following this plan, potty training only lasts 2-3 days and it is generally effective. Therefore, keep piling on those fluids to keep the trials going!

It is important to use preferred liquids such as sodas or juices since your child will not want to drink so much water. (Just make sure to brush his teeth that night extra well!)

Another idea is to serve your child salty snacks so he is motivated to keep drinking.

Like we mentioned before, we want a high frequency of urination to speed up the teaching process.

Increasing fluid intake has another advantage. It helps reduce the likelihood of developing constipation and UTIs (urinary tract infections. )

Good fluid intake can help your child master potty training easier and quicker and can also reduce the likelihood of developing complications such as constipation and Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs).

This is tip is based on Toilet Training in Less than a Day. It’s an old book but it has basically endured and is still considered the most research-supported intervention

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