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Rewards for successful use of toilet

Reinforcement, Reinforcement, Reinforcement!!!

This is what ABA is all about!!

That is to say that the goal of our toilet training process.

We are setting our child up for success- Giving enough fluid, taking him every fifteen minutes, and reinforcing when he potties.

This makes him want to go again, therefore moving up the learning curve.

What reinforcers should I use?

Buy the most motivating reinforcers! Even if you don’t love using a candy or a specific toy as a reinforcer, use it! Parents relate that after two weeks of trying to use organic dark chocolate or dried fruit as reinforcement, they gave up. They thought their child will never become potty trained. After switching to effective reinforcement, they subsequently saw the difference! However, this does not mean to say use unhealthy snacks. Prizes certainly work as well. 

Keep in mind, it’s a short process and your child should stay motivated!

Charts are helpful and children love seeing the gold stars fill up their charts.

Take your child to the store and have him/her pick out cheap prizes that interest them. Buy little animals, figurines, cute erasers and crayons. You know your child’s interests! After that, place the prizes in a decorated box or basket. Include your child in the decorating process. Explain to him that these are the treats/prizes that he will receive every time he uses the toilet! It’s important that your child chooses the prizes. This keeps him motivated!!
Some parents buy special books that are kept in the bathroom. The child is only read the book when he is sitting on the toilet. Other parents keep special coloring books that can only be used after using the potty.
Use social reinforcement as well. After using the toilet, make a grand announcement to the whole family about his/her success. After that, have everyone cheer and clap for your child!! Some children love this attention!

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