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As you play with your child verbalize what you are doing. Provide a running commentary about what is happening. “You are coloring a red house with orange windows and a square door. Wow! You are a real artist.”

Be as descriptive as possible since this will help expand your child’s communication skills.

It also lets your child know that you are paying attention to what he is doing. Promote learning by placing emphasis on specific words. (You are pushing the BROWN train.” Or “You are driving the car UNDER the bridge.”)

For higher functioning clients emphasize which emotions they must be feeling. (E.g. ”The block tower toppled over, you must be so disappointed. “ )

REFLECT on your child’s vocalizations.

This is especially important for children with compromised language skills. Repeat or paraphrase words or sentences that your child mentions while playing.

When you give attention right away for any vocalizations it helps promote language skills and development.

Repeating or paraphrasing what your child says can correct speech in a non-evasive manner.

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