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Easy access pants

When potty training your child try to dress him in pants that have easy access. Avoid dressing him/her in pants with buttons, belts, hard to open snaps etc.

Likewise, a good idea is to choose pants with stretchy waistbands. You may want to look for pants that are easy to slide on.

If you are training a girl, wearing a skirt may be a good idea. This is because it easy to lift when she feels the urge to pee.


Keep the environment helpful


Remove any obstacles to the toilet.

This includes making sure the door to the bathroom opens easily. Similarly, keep the door open to make this as easy as possible for your child. Make sure the path to the bathroom is clear.


Keep a stool near toilet.

Another good idea is to keep a stool near the toilet so your child can easily climb up.


Use a toilet insert.

Some parents skip the potty and go straight to using the toilet. It is important to add a toilet insert to help your child feel relaxed. They sell all sorts of funky inserts with kid-friendly characters as a design.


Put away any household items that you don’t want to soil.

Remove any rugs in the house that you do not want to soil. You will feel more calm and your child will feel more relaxed a result.


Cover areas in your home that you want to stay clean.

Another suggestion is to cover any areas in your house where you will be focusing on toilet training your child.

Some people cover the area with a tarp or plastic table cloth.


This is tip is based on Toilet Training in Less than a Day. It’s an old book but it has endured and is still considered the most research-supported intervention.

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