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Every fifteen minutes say “it’s time to go potty. Say potty.” Have your child repeat potty (bathroom or whatever you would like them to say) and then take them. Reward if anything goes in the toilet. It doesn’t matter how much but it has to be something. Just sitting on the toilet shouldn’t be rewarded. Repeat this every fifteen minutes and in between use dry pants checks and reinforcements. Store the rewards in the bathroom. The contingency has to be quick, with no delays. “You make, you get!” The reward should be heavily emphasized– “Yay! You made!” or by dry pants check, “Yay! Your dry!” However, use less reinforcing items for dry pants and more special for using the toilet.

This is tip is based on the teachings of Toilet Training in Less than a Day. It’s an old book but it has endured and is still considered the most research-supported intervention

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