What is ABA?

ABA therapy is a behavioral therapy based on the science of behavior analytic studies.  ABA therapy can increase language and communication skills, improve social and functional daily living skills and decrease problem behaviors.

Our therapy is adapted to meet the individual needs for your child and can be provided at home, at school or in the community. We teach skills that are helpful and useful in your child’s every day life.

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What we offer:

In-Home Behavioral Therapy for children and young adults ages 0-21.

Our goal is to provide the most clinically effective treatment for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).


How does it work?

Intake/Paper Work

The first step in our process begins with filling out a welcome packet intake form. Before beginning services, we will need some background information about your child. Please complete this form and return it to your assigned case manager.

Verify Benefits/Authorize Assessment

Our Team will contact your insurance carrier to find out if you have coverage for ABA services. If your insurance benefits include ABA services, we will receive an authorization for your child's assessment.

Comprehensive Assessment

A skilled BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) will assess your child’s functioning level in the areas of communication, social skills, adaptive daily living and behavior.

Treatment Plan

Once the assessment is completed, the BCBA will create an individualized treatment plan for your child. No two treatment plans are alike. We develop a customized treatment plan that helps your child meet his/her goals and maximize his/her full potential.

ABA/Verbal Behavior Therapy

After the treatment plan is developed, your child will be assigned an ABA trained therapist that will work with your child on the goals prescribed in the treatment plan. Your child’s ABA therapist will come to work with him/her in the comfort of your own home. Treatment can additionally take place at school or in the community to ensure generalization and maintenance.

Parent Training

Your BCBA will meet with you once a week to discuss goals and progress for your child. You will be introduced to behavioral principles, present overall treatment goals and teach the concepts of functions of behavior. Parents will learn different prevention strategies and will discuss antecedents to behavior problems and develop preventive strategies. Parents will develop a daily schedule and identify points of intervention (including use of visual schedules) to decrease behavior problems. Parents will be introduced to the concept of reinforcers to promote compliance, strengthen desired behaviors, and teach new behaviors and introduced to the idea of “catch your child being good.” They will learn play and social skills through child led play and the principle of planned ignoring. They will explore systematic use of extinction (via planned ignoring) to reduce problem behaviors. Another concept taught in parent training is Compliance Training. Your BCBA will introduce effective parental requests and the use of guided compliance to enhance compliance and manage non-compliant behaviors. Parents will learn functional communication training. Through systematic reinforcement, teach alternative communicative skills to replace problematic behaviors. Teaching skills are also taught by using task analysis and chaining, provide tools to replace problem behaviors with appropriate behaviors and how to promote new adaptive, coping and leisure skills. They will be taught various prompting procedures to use while teaching skills. Generalization and maintenance strategies to consolidate positive behavior changes and generalize newly learned skills will be explained at parent training.


We know how costly a child on the spectrum can be. We at Achievements Therapy involve the insurance companies to help our parents with the cost of therapy. Most insurance plans cover ABA therapy for an Autism diagnosis. Achievements accepts most insurance carriers and are happy to help you through the process.

We work with most insurance companies

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