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Most parents are experts at the early signs of the problem.

We all know the “look” in our child’s eyes or other signals when they are becoming more irritated.

When we intervene early on and prompt them back on task or offer them some extra help to help them quickly succeed with the task at hand, it can help prevent problem behavior.

Remove the Stressful Situation

Parents sometimes remove the child from a stressful situation to help him calm down. When you start seeing your child’s behavior winding up, it may be the right time to leave the playground.

Behavior Momentum

Sometimes redirection procedures or using behavior momentum can help. Behavior momentum involves asking your child to do easy tasks and praise him.

For example, say “touch your nose, touch your eyes, wow!! Great job! You are a superstar!”

When we create a pattern of success, we are building momentum.

Implementing Stress Management/Relaxation techniques

Your BCBA will work with you to create an effective stress management/relaxation technique program for your child.

You can implement this program when you see your child is getting agitated.

This can help him calm down.

The most important thing is what you do BEFORE the behavior occurs!

“Catch your child being good!”

“Praise the best, ignore the rest!”

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