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RBT Certification: Your Step-by-Step Guide


Are you looking into obtaining your RBT certification?  Have you been looking for a career that especially makes a positive impact on the lives of people with autism and developmental disabilities? Let’s break it down into simple steps and find out how long it takes to get RBT certification.

Step 1: Check Your Eligibility for RBT Certification!

Ok, you decided that you are ready to dive in and help make a difference. indeed, you are excited to dive into your ABA journey.

First things first, make sure you have a high school diploma or something similar and that you are 18 years or older. Then, dive into a minimum of 40 hours of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) training and pass a background check.

Having a psychology degree is a bonus and can make things quicker, but don’t worry if you don’t have one – there’s a pathway for everyone!

Step 2: Your Education and Experience Matter in RBT Certification

Got a psychology degree or some related experience? You might find the RBT process a bit easier. But hey, if you’re new to the field, don’t worry – there’s a training program just for you.

Step 3: The 40-Hour RBT Training Program

The heart of RBT certification is a 40-hour training program that covers the basics of ABA.

Choose whether you want to do this online or in-person, whatever suits your schedule. Some programs let you learn at your own pace, while others have a set schedule. It’s your call!

The Autism Partnership Foundation offers a free RBT training course that is informative and clear.

Step 4: Initial RBT Certification Competency Exam

Next, you’ll take the RBT certification competency exam, which assesses your ABA skills. This exam is conducted by a BCBA. The BCBA will observe you as you perform various ABA therapy modalities to ensure that you have the necessary tools to turn your passion into a profession.

Step 5: Ace the RBT Certification Exam

Once you finish the training and competency test, it’s exam time! First you will need your application to be approved from the BACB . The RBT exam has 75 multiple-choice questions, and you need to score at least 80% to pass. You can take the exam at a testing center.


Embarking on the path to becoming an RBT is an incredibly rewarding journey. It demands dedication and effort – and let me tell you, it’s beyond worth it! Furthermore, the timeline for RBT certification varies for each person. However, with the proper training and commitment, you’re not just obtaining a certification; you’re on the road to transforming lives through the power of Applied Behavior Analysis. Your dedication is the key to making a genuine impact. Best of luck on this inspiring adventure!



Registered Behavior Technician (RBT)